Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meal Plan Saturday

Last week went well. We had one day where we didn't get to cook because of our schedule (Sunday, and we ended up doing sandwiches and fruit), and we swapped days a bit and dropped a pork chop dinner... but that said it was otherwise a good plan for the week. Oh, and Easter was a huge change. See below.

This week, My darling husband said, "Babe, I am going to grill on Easter. Does that work?" Uh, yeah. So he made ribs and sausage, I made beans, pepper potatoes, fresh corn, cornbread and devilled eggs as well as the cake. The breakfast casserole was still a go and was delicious. I will for sure do that little time saver again. We ate leftovers on Monday and on Tuesday we used a gift certificate for a place we have been eyeballing called Giordano's and had a smattering of their dishes and everyone tried everything. It was a very nice meal and a bargain. Triple whammy.

So, for the balance of the week here is our meal plan:

Everything Jambalaya and a few pieces of chicken left out for the kids
white rice

Lasagna Bake
Caesar salad
Mama D's Italian Bread

Friday ~ Dexter's Birthday
Daytime - picnic at the springs - shhhh, it's a surprise.
Dinner - Chuck E Cheese and a "birthday cake shaped like a 6 with green and yellow mini m&m's and candles and chocolate frosting and yellow cake." He has such a firm idea in his mind, I hope I can meet his high standard.

Roast Pork
Black Beans

Cuban Sandwiches
Fruit & Cut Veggies

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Next week brings with it my husband's birthday and Cinco de Mayo, which should be more fun this year since I have two tortilla makers in place. Next up, getting pictures. Wish me luck.

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