Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's June(!) Garden Update

I totally picked some collards. I am way excited and plan on cleaning them and cooking them for Sunday supper tomorrow. I will be even more excited when my husband sees them done. They were for him and he's been asking after them for weeks now. Oh, shoot, almost since I planted them.

Hopefully there will be another harvest or two - I have no idea how fast they grow but I know we could keep them forever and that would be OK.

Freshly picked.

 And on the table... very impressive for this black thumbed wanna be farmer.

In other garden news, I jerked out the corn. Too many neighbors have it growing and I planted it, the lima beans and the bush beans wrong. I just made a trench and dumped the seeds and didn't thin them right, I suppose. Plus, there was a mystery squash (Mystery solved: zucchini) that was vining over the whole garden and beyond, so I had to make room for the invasive limas and beans.

See the pretty zucchini?

The tomatoes are going nuts, too. See all the pretty green fruit?

And I cannot wait to eat these three bottom bells. They are supposed to be delicious raw or cooked. Yum.

If I keep to a schedule, tomorrow will be meal plan Sunday. Don't hold your breath. I am not the most reliable blogger around.